Dinner time disputes: 6:21pm most likely time for family fallouts

– Average family sits down to dinner just four times a week

– Bad table manners cause most dinner table tantrums

– Bringing tech to the table causes friction for over a quarter of families

The average family sits down to dinner just four times a week, but according to research from Sarson’s vinegar it’s a less than serene affair as over half of British families (56 per cent) admit they’re most likely to squabble over dinner rather than breakfast or lunch.

The research revealed tempers are most likely to fray at 6:21pm with bad table manners causing the most contention. Almost two in five parents (36 per cent) claim it is the most common cause of dinner time tantrums, followed by a third of parents (31 per cent) who admit to losing patience with their kids’ refusal to eat their greens.

Technology at the table is also guaranteed to cause mealtime mayhem, with over a quarter of parents (29 per cent) saying arguments kick off when their kids bring a game console, tablet or smartphone to the dinner table. Almost a quarter (24 per cent) also admit they find it a constant battle to tear their children away from the TV to eat.

Top 10 causes of dinner time disputes:  

    1. Bad table manners
    2. Children refusing to eat their vegetables
    3. Children bringing technology to the table
    4. Children wanting to eat in front of the TV
    5. Family members not taking part in chores
    6. Family members taking phone calls at the table
    7. Complaints about the cooking
    8. Where to sit at the table
    9. Running out of condiments
    10. Who gets the last portion of food

Kuniaki Tsukada, Sarson’s Brand manager, commented: “Dinner is an important time for families to catch up and spend quality time together, so it can be disappointing when tempers flare. If like many parents you find yourself in the midst of a meal time argument, why not try involving the kids in choosing the menu for the week and cooking the meal as they’re less likely to turn their noses up at something they’ve played a hand in creating.”



Survey of 2000 UK parents with children aged between 2-17 was conducted by One Poll on behalf of Sarson’s between 7th – 9th May 2014.

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Cally Sheard/ Ruth Bennett
Tel: 020 3077 2000

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Sarson’s Vinegar was bought by Mizkan Euro in February 2012, as part of the £41 million acquisition of a number of Premier Foods’ brands including Haywards pickled vegetables and Dufrais.

At Sarson’s, we love vinegar.

We love it in marinades, in dressings and most of all, we love it splashed over steaming hot chips. We put this passion for vinegar into every bottle that we make, and we’ve been making Sarson’s vinegar the traditional way since 1794. Which, we are pretty proud to say, makes us one of Britain’s oldest vinegars.

Brits munch their way through 250 million* sandwiches a week

~ Cheese and pickle is crowned the nation’s favourite sandwich filling ~

~ One in 20 insist on their crusts being cut off ~

~ Over a third prefer granary or brown bread to white ~

With an abundance of fillings and breads to choose from, it’s no wonder Brits are sandwich crazy, with new research from Branston revealing we munch through an average of five sandwiches a week, which equates to 250 million a week. In fact, almost one in ten Brits (7 per cent) make the most out of the humble, yet versatile sandwich by scoffing up to 12 sandwiches a week.

The study, conducted to mark British Sandwich Week, revealed cheese and pickle is the nation’s favourite sandwich filling, with nearly half of Brits (46 per cent) favouring the true British classic. Tuna mayonnaise ranked a close second with 45 per cent classing it as their go to sandwich staple, while over two fifths (44 per cent) said they prefer a classic BLT, making it third on the list.

The research revealed it’s not just the filling that makes the sandwich, with two in five health conscious sandwich lovers (40 per cent) choosing wholemeal or granary bread rather than white and almost two thirds (61 per cent) saying they prefer homemade sandwiches to those purchased in shops.

Brits are also particular about the cut of their sandwich, with over a quarter (26 per cent) ensuring their sandwiches are cut into triangles, one in seven (14 per cent) into rectangles and one in 13 (8 per cent) severing into squares. One in 20 fussy sandwich fans (six per cent) insist on having their crusts removed before taking a bite. One in five (22 per cent) like to add an extra crunch to their sandwich by packing it with crisps.

It’s no surprise that lunch is the most popular time for Brits to enjoy a sandwich, with one in five (20 per cent) choosing the convenient option between five and six times a week. However, a third (36 per cent) say they rustle up the snack for their dinner or supper choice twice a week instead of a hot meal. One in ten (11 per cent) admit they can’t resist a sneaky sandwich for their midnight snack before heading to bed.



    1. Cheese and pickle
    2. Tuna mayonnaise
    3. BLT
    4. Egg mayonnaise
    5. Cheese and onion
    6. Chicken and stuffing
    7. Chicken salad
    8. Ham
    9. Sausage, egg and bacon
    10. Ham and mustard

Victoria Adams, Branston Brand Manager said: “Sandwiches are such a versatile easy-to-make snack, and there are so many different combinations to suit everyone’s tastes, it’s no wonder we eat so many. It’s great to see cheese and pickle still tickles the nation’s taste buds as a top sandwich choice. Adding extras like relishes and pickle is a great way to make your sandwich that extra bit special”.


For further details please contact:
Sophie Hood or Ruth Bennett at Eulogy!
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Notes to Editor

Survey of 2,000 adults by One Poll on behalf of Branston between 7th May – 9th May 2014.
*5 X 50.1m (ONS adult population) = 250,903,000

Brits left uninspired by dull dinners decisions

– One in seven Brits admit they are stuck in a mealtime rut
– Over a third say adding spice is the best way to liven up a boring meal
– Stephen Fry is named most desirable dinner guest

With 8.5m* Brits scoffing a sandwich on a daily basis and one in seven (13 per cent) slurping soup at least once a week, research from Haywards Pickled Vegetables reveals nearly three quarters of Brits (72 per cent) are fed up with their food choices and are looking for ways to liven up their meals.

The research reveals that Brits are lacking inspiration and are in the habit of making the same meals every week despite finding them dull. One in 12 people (8 per cent) named Spaghetti Bolognese as their dinner time failsafe, eating it at least once a week even though more than one in eight (12 per cent) say they are sick of it. Similarly, salads are eaten by one in 20 Brits (5 per cent) on a daily basis, with one in six (15 per cent) admitting to being fed up with them.

One in seven (14 per cent) admit they are stuck in a mealtime rut and are bored of their food choices, with over a third (39 per cent) relying on spices to liven up their meals and a quarter pimping up their plates with colourful food. Some are so bored they go as far as mixing up their mealtimes, with one in 14 (seven per cent) eating breakfast at dinner time instead. Other tricks to make mealtimes more exciting include entertainment, with almost one in 20 (4 per cent) playing games at the table and three per cent hosting themed dinners.

One in five fed up foodies (17 per cent) named TV presenter Stephen Fry as the personality most likely to liven up boring mealtimes, thanks to his incredible wit and intellect. Deceased British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was second favourite, with more than a tenth (11 per cent) naming him their dream dinner guest. Geordie duo Ant and Dec rounded off the top three with one in 12 (8 per cent) thinking they’d perk up teatime with their lively banter.

Top five living personalities Brits believe would liven up a dinner party:

    1. Stephen Fry – 17%
    2. Ant and Dec – 8%
    3. Holly Willoughby – 7%
    4. David Beckham – 6%
    5. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini – 5%

Top five deceased personalities Brits believe would have livened up a dinner party:

    1. Winston Churchill – 11%
    2. Elvis – 7%
    3. Marilyn Monroe – 6%
    4. Michael Jackson – 5%
    5. George Best – 4%

Kate Charman, Haywards Brand Manager, comments: “It’s interesting to see the different methods people use when trying to make a meal more exciting, such as the quarter of Brits who like to have colourful food on their plates to liven up their meals. We understand that it’s the little things that make all the difference here at Haywards, and our colourful range of products with their intense, eye popping flavours can be used to liven up any meal.”


For further details please contact:
Cally Sheard or Ruth Bennett at Eulogy!
Telephone: 020 3077 2000

Notes to Editor

Survey of 1,000 adults by One Poll on behalf of Haywards between 29th May 2014 – 2nd June 2014
*50.1m (adult UK population) x 17% (total Brits who have a sandwich on a daily basis) = 8,517,000
The food art was created by Nathan Wyburn, commissioned by Haywards and was photographed by TNR.

Spice Up Your Mealtimes With Haywards Hot & Spicy Pickled Onions

Spice Up Your Mealtimes With Haywards Hot & Spicy Pickled Onions

Haywards launches delicious new pickled onions

Haywards, Britain’s best loved pickled vegetable brand, are launching a new pickled onion. The Hot & Spicy Onions will bring a modern, fiery twist to meals up and down the country. Available in store from November, the delicious new product contains pink and black peppercorns and Birdseye chillies that give the onions their spicy vibrancy.

The unique flavour of the Hot & Spicy Onions work perfectly with a variety of food including after dinner cheese or with cold meats. These onions pack an unexpected but appetizing fiery kick and are a great new twist to the classic pickled onion flavour.

The festive season will also benefit from the onion’s chilli-kick. The bold new flavour is sure to add a spicy addition to any Christmas menu and liven up the inevitable Boxing Day leftovers.

Kate Charman, Haywards Brand Manager comments: “We are so excited to add Hot & Spicy Onions to our range of delicious pickled vegetable.  There is a real trend for spicy food at the moment and this lovely new flavour is going to really excite the heat-craving palettes of people everywhere.

With Christmas fast approaching, we believe that the lip-smacking tanginess and spiciness of the onions are going to liven up many a turkey this year.”

The recommended retail price for these delicious new onions will be £1.89. They will be available to buy at Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s from 16th November and in Tesco next spring.


For further details please contact:

Grace Zeal, Ruth Bennett or Matthew Clark at Eulogy!
Telephone: 020 3077 2000


Notes to Editor

Range available at Sainsbury’s and Morrisons
Range will also be available at Tesco’s from April 2015
RRP £1.89


Branston Makes Summer Special With New Relish Range

Branston Makes Summer Special With New Relish Range

Nation’s favourite pickle launches fresh range of tasty relishes in time for BBQ season

Branston, the pickle brand that has been livening up our sandwiches for years, has launched an exciting new range of relishes to coincide with the great British summer barbeque season. Available in five tasty flavours, including limited edition, Sweet and Spicy Brazilian, the new relishes are sure to become a staple on the picnic table this summer.

Families can choose from a selection of flavours to compliment their hot sandwiches and provide a delicious alternative to ketchup. While the unique sweetness of the Caramelised Red Onion is brilliant in burgers, the Tomato and Red Pepper relish adds a tangy twist to a hot dog! Other flavours in the range include Smoky Tomato and Chipotle that offers a distinctive smoky taste and the jalapeño in the Spicy Tomato is perfect if you like a kick to your food and also tastes great in wraps. Finally, the limited edition Sweet and Spicy Brazilian is a fusion of tomato, onion, green pepper, ginger and lime and is the perfect accompaniment to a summer steak ciabatta whilst watching the biggest football championship of the year.

Victoria Adams, brand manager at Branston comments“Branston pickle has been making sandwiches special since 1922, so we are delighted to be launching a new range of relishes that work perfectly for hot sandwiches, not only throughout the BBQ season but all year round. Here at Branston, we are confident that there is a flavour in the range that every member of the family will relish!”

The delicious new relishes will be priced at £1.79 (MRRP)



For further details please contact:
Sophie Hood or Ruth Bennett at Eulogy!
Telephone: 020 3077 2000

Notes to Editor

Range available at all major multiples – flavours may vary store to store.
MRRP £1.79