Mizkan Brand History

  • 5000BC

    Vinegar is first mentioned in literature, originally made from date palm or raisin
    Date Palm
  • 4th century

    Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine notes the antibacterial effect of vinegar and uses it to treat respiratory diseases, skin disease and coughs
  • 11th century

    Balsamic vinegar is first produced in Italy
  • 1603-1868

    The first sushi ‘nare-zushi’, is introduced in Edo (the old name for Tokyo).

  • 1799

    Yohei Hanaya, the creator of Nigiri-sushi, is born in Fukui Prefecture

  • 1804

    Company Established

    Matazaemon Nakano, a Japanese sake producer, has the idea of brewing vinegar from sake lees (a by-product of Japanese sake brewing)

  • 1811

    The Mizkan Handa Plant begins operation

  • 1842

    The Birth of “Yamabuki”

    ‘Yamabuki’, a premium rice vinegar is introduced

  • 1887

    “Mizkan Logo” Registered

    The famous Mizkan mark is derived from Matazaemon Nakano IV's family crest.
  • 1895

    The Manor Vinegar Brewery (later to be bought by Mizkan), is established in Lozells, a suburb of Birmingham, England, in an old beer brewery.
  • 1896

    Mizkan begins to export from Japan to the U.S
  • 1942

    Nakano Biochemical Research Centre (now the Central Research Institute) Opened

  • 1950s

    The Manor Vinegar Brewery moves premises to Burntwood, Staffs
  • 1954

    Vinegar Bottling Began

  • 1964

    “Ajipon” was Introduced

  • 1968

    “Pure Food Campaign”

  • 1971

    “Beyond Vinegar Strategy”

    Originally dubbed the “Non-Vinegar Product Strategy”, calls for efforts to increase vinegar sales while further developing non-vinegar products
  • 1978

    Research Center Received Agricultural Chemistry Technology Award

  • 1979

    “Honteri” is Introduced in Japan

    The ease of use and availability of this mirin sweet seasoning met the needs of consumers perfectly.
  • 1981

    Major U.S. Vinegar Manufacturer “American Industries Co.” Acquired

  • 1986

    “SU-no-SATO” Japan’s First Comprehensive Vinegar Museum Opens.

  • 1988

    “Tsuyu” was Introduced in Japan

    Mizkan’s “Tsuyu” soup base, is introduced in Japan Sourced from the Group History in the Mizkan Group Company Profile.

  • 1990

    “Gomoku Chirashi” a ready-to-use pouch-packed chirashi sushi mixture is introduced in Japan.

  • 1992

    New Headquarter Building Completed

    The New Mizkan Headquarter Building is completed in the city of Handa, Japan.

  • 1994

    Mizkan Rice Vinegar is launched into the UK and Europe

  • 1998

    Nakano Europe Ltd. is established in Europe, initially selling imported Mizkan rice vinegar and seasoned rice vinegar

  • 2002

    Mizkan Group Corporation purchases Manor Vinegar Ltd. Nakano Europe Ltd begins to run the UK and European operation from its offices in Burntwood, Staffordshire. Mizkan acquires the Manor Vinegar Brewery from Greencore PLC.
  • 2003

    Kazuhide Matazaemon Nakano VIII takes over at the helmhelm of Mizkan
  • 2004

    Adoption of New Group Vision and Group Vision Symbol

    Nakano Europe Ltd changes its name to Mizkan UK Ltd. Mizkan Asia Pacific Pte.Ltd is established. Mizkan adopts a new corporate symbol

  • 2005

    Mizkan Rice Vinegars becomes widely available in UK supermarkets

  • 2007

    Mizkan donates three tonnes of wood to rebuild the famous 19th Century ship, the Cutty Sark, after having been badly damaged in a fire.

    Cutty Sark
  • 2010

    Mizkan UK Ltd changes its name to Mizkan Europe Ltd.
  • 2012

    Nakano UK Vinegar is established and acquires the strong and iconic vinegar brands Sarson’s and Dufrais as well as the beloved pickles brand Haywards and its production facilities from Premier Foods PLC and continues to develop its business foundation for further growth in the UK.
    Cutty Sark
  • 2013

    Nakano UK Vinegar acquires the Branston brand, spanning sweet pickles, relishes and table sauces. Nakano UK Vinegar purchases Mizkan Europe Ltd, consolidating the two companies.
  • 2014

    Mizkan Europe Ltd, changes its name to Mizkan Euro Ltd.