Brits munch their way through 250 million* sandwiches a week

~ Cheese and pickle is crowned the nation’s favourite sandwich filling ~

~ One in 20 insist on their crusts being cut off ~

~ Over a third prefer granary or brown bread to white ~

With an abundance of fillings and breads to choose from, it’s no wonder Brits are sandwich crazy, with new research from Branston revealing we munch through an average of five sandwiches a week, which equates to 250 million a week. In fact, almost one in ten Brits (7 per cent) make the most out of the humble, yet versatile sandwich by scoffing up to 12 sandwiches a week.

The study, conducted to mark British Sandwich Week, revealed cheese and pickle is the nation’s favourite sandwich filling, with nearly half of Brits (46 per cent) favouring the true British classic. Tuna mayonnaise ranked a close second with 45 per cent classing it as their go to sandwich staple, while over two fifths (44 per cent) said they prefer a classic BLT, making it third on the list.

The research revealed it’s not just the filling that makes the sandwich, with two in five health conscious sandwich lovers (40 per cent) choosing wholemeal or granary bread rather than white and almost two thirds (61 per cent) saying they prefer homemade sandwiches to those purchased in shops.

Brits are also particular about the cut of their sandwich, with over a quarter (26 per cent) ensuring their sandwiches are cut into triangles, one in seven (14 per cent) into rectangles and one in 13 (8 per cent) severing into squares. One in 20 fussy sandwich fans (six per cent) insist on having their crusts removed before taking a bite. One in five (22 per cent) like to add an extra crunch to their sandwich by packing it with crisps.

It’s no surprise that lunch is the most popular time for Brits to enjoy a sandwich, with one in five (20 per cent) choosing the convenient option between five and six times a week. However, a third (36 per cent) say they rustle up the snack for their dinner or supper choice twice a week instead of a hot meal. One in ten (11 per cent) admit they can’t resist a sneaky sandwich for their midnight snack before heading to bed.



    1. Cheese and pickle
    2. Tuna mayonnaise
    3. BLT
    4. Egg mayonnaise
    5. Cheese and onion
    6. Chicken and stuffing
    7. Chicken salad
    8. Ham
    9. Sausage, egg and bacon
    10. Ham and mustard

Victoria Adams, Branston Brand Manager said: “Sandwiches are such a versatile easy-to-make snack, and there are so many different combinations to suit everyone’s tastes, it’s no wonder we eat so many. It’s great to see cheese and pickle still tickles the nation’s taste buds as a top sandwich choice. Adding extras like relishes and pickle is a great way to make your sandwich that extra bit special”.


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Notes to Editor

Survey of 2,000 adults by One Poll on behalf of Branston between 7th May – 9th May 2014.
*5 X 50.1m (ONS adult population) = 250,903,000