Brits spend £2,002*a year in battle to become best BBQ host

– 34.6m Brits to spark up the BBQ over the next month

– Over one in ten spend additional money on surprise entertainment to win guests’ approval

– Beef burgers are the number one must have when hosting a BBQ

Thunderstorms may be forecast, but new research from Branston relish reveals 34.6** million Brits will be dusting off their barbeques this month for another summer of long evenings and alfresco dining, and spending an average of £2,002 a year to keep up with the Joneses and host the perfect barbeque – that’s the equivalent to a luxury holiday to impress party guests.

The research, which was conducted to mark the launch of Branston’s range of relishes, found Brits will invest an average of £84 on the perfect BBQ grill in the hopes of grabbing their guests’ attention and being crowned the King or Queen of BBQ season. Competition is fierce for one in seven (14 per cent) who spend as much as £250 on their barbeque, replacing it every three years to ensure they have the most current design.

Cooking up an average of 11 barbeques a year, over one in ten (11 per cent) go all out and organise additional entertainment such as temporary dance floors to woo their guests, while one in 12 (6 per cent) go so far as to install special outdoor features like TVs or hot tubs in the hopes of making it a party to remember. It seems competition is the aim of the game as one in twenty (5 per cent) admit they always have to have a bigger and better barbeque than family and friends.

July tops the poll for the month of marathon barbeques with 40 million*** Brits sparking up the gas or coal and making the most of the summer sun. Surprisingly one in twenty (5 per cent) eager beavers get their barbeque up and running from as early as January while April sees the first of the summer spike with one in six (13 per cent) cooking up a storm – giving guests a taste of what lies ahead.

According to the research, the sunny South makes the most of their barbeques with London having an average of 14 barbeques a year, followed closely behind by Oxford who indulge in 13.

Barbeques are a serious business for Brits, with the average party setting hosts back £182, with alcohol alone costing £71.23. Meat is the second highest expense costing an average of £26 on top quality cuts, while sides and snacks add an additional £15 respectively to the shopping bill. Even condiments can cost an average of £13 per party, ensuring there is a relish or sauce to meet everyone’s needs.

It seems the secret to a good BBQ is a selection of meats. Beef burgers have been crowned the nation’s favourite BBQ food, with almost three quarters (69 per cent) choosing it as their meat of choice.  Sausages are another party staple with nearly two thirds (62 per cent) enjoying the taste of a barbequed hotdog on a long summers evening while over half of Brits (57 per cent) like to splash out, choosing steak as their number one BBQ food of choice.   


    1. Beef burgers
    2. Sausages
    3. Steak
    4. Kebabs
    5. Chicken drumsticks
    6. Corn on the Cobb
    7. Chicken wings
    8. Pork chops
    9. Rack of ribs
    10. Lamb cutlets


Victoria Adams, Branston Brand Manager said: “With our long, dark winters, it’s great to see the UK embrace barbeque season once the sun comes out and creating a little competition between family and friends never hurt anyone! Whether you’re serving up hot dogs or splashing out on steak, a marinade or relish can make your BBQ extra special. With Branston’s new range of relishes available such as spicy tomato or chipotle, there is sure to be one to meet everyone’s taste buds.”


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Notes to Editor

Survey of 2,000 adults by One Poll on behalf of Branston between 22nd May – 23rd May 2014.
*£182(Average cost per barbeque) X 11 (av. number of barbeques a year) = £2002
**50.1m (UK adult population) X 69% (UK population that have barbeques in June) = 34,569,000
**50.1m X 80% (UK population that have barbeques in July) = 40,000,000