Mizkan Euro ‘Bring Out The Branston’ With New Pickle Packaging

Branston Pickle, the UK’s leading sweet pickle brand, has announced the launch of new, limited edition packaging, spelling out the brand’s quintessential tag line ‘Bring out the Branston’. Half of all jars will have a new label reading ‘Bring out’, replacing the traditional ‘Branston’ so that when on shelf, the jars will read ‘Bring out (the) Branston’.

The packaging is designed to continue the festive push into the new year and is scheduled to be on the market by mid–February. It will run alongside the new TV ad in order to reinforce the brand’s ‘Make it Special’ campaign in-store.

Mizkan Euro’s initial run of the labels will be for four weeks, with the potential for extension and the activity is designed to be a cost effective way to encourage repeat sales. For minimal financial investment covering artwork redesign and clever printing to mix up the designs, the two new front labels aim to increase the average basket purchase from one to two jars, as consumers buy the special-edition Branston Pickle labels to enjoy the ‘Bring out (the) Branston’ humour at home.

Lorna Kimberley, Marketing Manager of Mizkan Euro, said: “The post-Christmas period is a tough one for any food brand; sales are typically down and a lot of effort has to be expended in order to captivate consumers. Our ‘Bring out’ labels are a fun and novel way to engage our consumers while underlining the core ‘Make it Special’ message of the brand.

We are investing heavily in supporting Branston over the next year through lots of different media – our TV campaign launched for Christmas and our Facebook page has grown to over 26 thousand likes in the space of a month. What better way to ‘Make It Special’ for our Branston lovers than by making them smile with our packaging. We hope everyone loves these quirky labels as much as we do!”

Branson Pickle was bought by Mizkan Euro in February 2013 for a cash consideration of £92.5 million as part of its acquisition of Premier Foods’ sweet pickle and table sauces business.


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About Mizkan Euro

Mizkan Euro is the European subsidiary of Mizkan, a privately-owned, Japanese business started in 1804, which is the number one Sushi seasoning supplier in the world. Headed by Kazuhide Matazaemon Nakano VIII, Mizkan is a global business with over 210 years experience in producing high quality products. Mizkan Europe has continued this worldwide trend of producing high quality foodstuffs by adding Branston Pickle, Haywards Pickles and Sarson’s Vinegar to its portfolio of brands as part of its growth plan, cementing its position as pickles and chutneys, relishes and vinegar category experts in Europe.