Haywards Announces Biggest Brand Investment Since 1977

Haywards Announces Biggest Brand Investment Since 1977

    – Nine month media partnership to encourage consumers to ‘Liven up their food’ –

Today the UK’s leading pickled vegetable brand, Haywards, announces a nine month media partnership with Metro. The activity, based around Haywards’ tagline ‘liven up your food’, is designed to increase brand awareness and penetration of the pickled vegetable category with a younger, more male focussed audience. 

Starting with sponsorship of the Metro’s Oddballs football column on Tuesday 22 April, the partnership will run in three phases until the end of December 2014. All three phases will encompass a broad range of branded content throughout the paper, including competitions and recipe suggestions, as well as press ads and front cover strips. Brokered by UM London, the activity has a media spend of over £750,000.

The first phase will include a sampling campaign kicking off in London and Leeds on 21 May, to liven up consumers’ lunches with sports fun. The sampling, undertaken by Metro promotional teams, will see chefs inspire customers with delicious recipes and simple, yet tasty ideas for how pickled vegetables can liven up every meal. The aim is to show Haywards’ versatility as a cooking ingredient and demonstrate how pickled vegetables can really grab the senses and deliver a delicious taste-experience. There will be picnic style tables and chairs, as well as a number of sports and fairground games to participate in at the selected venues.

The second phase of activity will begin in September and focus on beetroot, with the third and final phase commencing in November around pickled onions. This media partnership will again encompass a range of content, competitions, and sampling activity. The two phases aim respectively to liven up mealtimes and this year’s Christmas through the addition of pickled vegetables.

Kate Charman, Haywards Brand Manager, Mizkan Europe says: “Consumers have a tendency to know what they like and will often buy and cook the same thing again and again. Younger generations also tend to see the pickled vegetable category as outdated and losing relevance, so we need to reinvigorate it to bring in and educate younger consumers.

Pickling is a big trend, with many restaurants offering pickles on their menu, so clearly there is an appetite for these products. This campaign will encourage consumers to step out of their food comfort zone and turn the bland into brilliant!”

Clair Griffiths, Business Director at UM says: “This partnership with Metro is the perfect fit for Haywards. With a total brand reach of 3.2 million people per day[1] and a slightly younger male bias, the Metro brand is a great way to reach our target audience effectively. We are sure that this partnership will work wonders for the brands’ exposure and tackle preconceptions around pickled vegetables.”

In July 2012 Mizkan Euro acquired Haywards alongside Sarson’s Vinegar, from Premier Foods for a cash consideration of £41m. 

About Mizkan Euro

Mizkan Euro is the European subsidiary of Mizkan, a privately-owned, Japanese business started in 1804, which is the number one Sushi seasoning supplier in the world. Headed by Kazuhide Matazaemon Nakano VIII, Mizkan is a global business with over 210 years experience in producing high quality products. Mizkan Euro has continued this worldwide trend of producing high quality foodstuffs by adding Branston Pickle, Haywards Pickles and Sarson’s Vinegar to its portfolio of brands as part of its growth plan, cementing its position as pickles and chutneys, relishes and vinegar category experts in Europe.

[1] NRS Jan – Dec 2013