Message from the Group CEO

Being a food manufacturer, we take great responsibility and pride in manufacturing essential food products that promote health and well being of our customers. “Bringing Flavour to Life” is the core concept that reflects our commitment.

The history of the Mizkan Group dates back to 1804, when Matazaemon Nakano I embarked on the challenge of making vinegar out of sake kasu (or sake lees). Since that time, we at the Mizkan Group have continuously sought change and new challenges, expanding and reorganizing our business and product lines to address changes in consumer needs and the business environment.

“Offering customers only the finest products” is the principle philosophy of our company that has always been central to our spirit of challenge and change. In keeping with this spirit, the Mizkan Group has been challenging the status quo for over 200 years, and this philosophy will continue to be the cornerstone of Mizkan’s ongoing challenges in every field of our enterprise.

“Bringing Flavor to Life” is both the Vision and Slogan of the Mizkan Group, and represents the distinct values we offer to our customers.

We intend to continue to live by this principle and further support the health and well being of our customers, contribute to their current lifestyles and help them create good relationships with their friends. Our commitment is to achieve a superior level of safety in all products. Furthermore, our goal is to reach beyond simply delivering a range of flavor enhancing products to the dinner table and to help strengthen the ties between the peoples of the world by enriching their food culture and improving their dietary practices.

I firmly believe that achieving these aims is crucial to Mizkan’s continued presence in society as a reliable partner to our customers, investors, employees and all other relevant stakeholders. We appreciate your continued dedication in building a spirit of cooperation and partnership, now and in the future.

— Kazuhide Nakano

President & CEO Mizkan Group Corporation